Skin Care


After 7 years of research we have created Skin Frequency, the first line of epigenetic Kripa skin-care products, formulated with 99% natural ingredients and 99% active ingredients. Skin Frequency is a genuine tailor-made beauty treatment: an intelligent line of spray serums that responds perfectly to the individual needs of our cells and our skin, balancing them. Skin Frequency works effectively against the causes of the signs of ageing and reactivates the mechanisms of youth through active ingredients that act on the epigenetic mechanisms of the skin, to slow down our biological clock; at the same time it provides protection against the oxidative stress which we are exposed to every day. Skin Frequency interacts positively with messenger RNA, improving the protein synthesis which is the basis of our skin’s youth.


Skin Frequency is a skin-care epigenetic line in which the active ingredient functions as a set of information that brings order and harmony to the cells and tissues, coordinating them and improving their biochemical characteristics. Through next-generation technology, water is transformed into 3 active ingredients which form the heart of the Skin Frequency formulas: KSF-H, KSF-A, KSF-L. These enhance the action of the cosmetic and amplify the effectiveness of the active ingredients that the cosmetic carries, regenerating cells and improving skin homeostasis. The combined and synergistic use of two or more serum enhances the action of each individual product and amplifies the effect of the active ingredients, creating a real tailor-made beauty treatment.

Skin Care

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